September 11, 2007

Scavenger Hunt

So I decided to go on a scavenger hunt to find some different photographers and tips. Here are the results of the hunt.

Photographers-(I was looking for fashion and found a few but I liked the looks of these more and yes I know there are several wedding photographers in the the mix but there just as hard working without all the glamor of the fashion photographers.)
I like his fashion and studio work he seems like he wants to not label himself because he has his hand in everything, but mainly sports.
I like the lighting that he uses in his portrait I wish I knew how he does it, but I am not very fond of his group shots. He also has this site which I enjoyed.

I liked there style, some of it is a bit weird for my taste but I am just one person. I really liked there blog that is why I posted that link rather than the home page, it just really gives you a feel for the photographers.
I liked his blog also, he has a link to his web site on the blog page but I liked how he not only blog about what he was photographing but about what was inspiring him that day or week.

Tip sites- Some of these are more for the amateur but I found it really hard to find photographers sharing lighting tips.

I found this site that tells you how to build a light tent but I would NOT build the one out of bathroom tissues. It gave several ways of building it and some I liked like the using a large tube .

This is another site that tells you a how to for building a light tent or box, I liked this one a little more and I might use it one day if I forget to get a light box from school.

This is how to light glass, I must admit I put this one up for my mom she wants to light glass. I looked at it because glass is one of the hardest things to light but I found this to simplify it, the site talks like our teachers talk about glass and does make it easier. I liked the site for the many options it gave you.
This site reminded me of my first semester at RCC and I thought that it simplified lighting even more for me it also brushed me up on things that I had placed in the back of my head and needed to be refreshed on.
Loved this site!!!!!!! This is the best thing I came across the entire time I was scavenging. Although I didn't find it alone my teacher told the class about it, but I found this one part extremely interesting. I never knew that you could make taking a picture of a piece of paper into art.

I hope you enjoyed the sites but I will encourage you to do your own . And remember we need to share information with each other!!!! It could only make us better and the need for each other stronger NOT take clients away.


Craig Photography said...

Thanks for the mention. Keep up the great work....

Peace ~ John

Chris from Holy MoLee Photography LLC said...

Thanks for the plug!