September 12, 2007


I shot this for an assignment for my photographic illustration class. I shot the photo that makes up the left side on my Canon 1D Mark2 with my 100-300mm lens at 1/60s at f-10 at ISO 100, the photo that makes up the right side was shot on the same camera and lens and settings other than it was shot at f-5.6. I took the two individual photos and merged them together in Photoshop. The second photo is a shot of my set up for the first photo it was the same for the second, but shot in studio. I had a lot of fun with this assignment and hope you like my picture.


Jessey Dearing said...

Pretty interesting, blending is done pretty well, I think it would have been easier to blend if you had lit them both just frontal, or from the same side so the shadows match. If the dark shadow wasn't going down it would really mesh the skins together, like how the forehead looks. Nice job though Laura.

DS Clark Photo said...

Nice even lighting over the faces. The blending is really well done. It is uncomfortable to look at though. Great concept and good effort.

Jessica M. Benton said...

Hey Laura,

Your idea is very interesting. I think you got across the ideas that we were both trying to display with this assignment. (I know what you mean about my chess photo being like your photos from last year, I was remembering your photos as I took mine.) Anyway, good job with this one. I'm sorry we had the reaction of "freaky," but you know how to do it, and can redo it with different people.