February 25, 2008

Sound Slides at Old Salem

Just thought that you would get a kick out of seeing how they make bread and of hearing what they think of there customer's at Winklers Bakery in Old Salem North Carolina.

February 24, 2008


I took this photo after taking the photo of Erin a friend of mine, after taking another photo of her for a project. I thought that the light was nice and it just screams Erin so I am using it for my blog. I shot this photo using my Canon Mark 2 1D using Broncolor stobs. It was shot using a shutter speed of 1/100 at f-22.

Tear Sheet #2

I shot this photo of Erin a friend of mine to replicate a tear sheet for my advertising photography class. The original ad is selling mascara and they used false eyelashes, which I thought looked really strange so I didn't use them. I used my Canon Mark 2 1D with a 80mm lens and broncolor strobes. The photo was taken at a shutter speed of 1/100 and a f-stop of 22.  

February 15, 2008

Self Promotions

We had an assignment to create business cards and post cards for ourselves. I took this image at the NC zoo. My models name is Adam(he's so great!) I took this with my Canon 1D Mark 2 and my 17-40mm lens. I shot at 1/125 at f-4. We used indesign to create the cards but apparently blogger doesn't like them and they look horrible to here is one that I made in CS2, to mimic the ones for class.

Morning light

I took this at Winklers Bakery in old Salem. We had an assignment to shoot photos for another sound slides. This is just one of 29 photos that will be on it. I shot this using my Canon 1D mark 2 with my 35-80mm lens I was at 1/60 shutter speed and F-6.3.

February 7, 2008

Tear Sheet #1

We had to do a lighting assignment for my Advertising lighting class and I chose an Acne Medicine ad, my product is not the same as the ad but other than that it looks the same. I used my Canon 1D Mark 2 and bron-color strobes. I used my 35-80mm lens at F11 and my shutter speed was at 1/125. I had to touch it up a little in photoshop, I took one photo that was over exposed to get a really white back ground, and then took one with a whole bunch of fill-cards in it for a proper exposure on the product. The following photo is my setup.