January 31, 2008

Jewelry Scan

I shot this for my commercial class. We had an assignment to shoot jewelry, this is a scan of that project. I shoot with a Sinear 4x5 camera with selective focus. and a 90mm lens, my f-stop was at 11 and my shutter speed was at 1/500. I used Kodak Extachrom 100. I used a Broncolor stobe with a softbox.

A Morning at the Zoo

We had an assignment to go and collect photos and sound for my multimedia class and I shot this photo of a fellow classmate, Kathryn Lawson during this assignment. I used my Canon Mark2 1D with a 16-40 lens, my f-stop was at 5.6 and my shutter speed was at 1/500. This was just such a neat angle I had to shoot it and little did I know Kathyrn walking through it made the image! Thanks Kathryn.

January 25, 2008

Haitian Drum

I shot this drum for a joint project with the design department at school. I used a Premo Bron Color light, with a soft-box and fill cards to get this look. This image was shot using my Canon 1D Mark 2 with a 35-80mm lens. My f-stop was set at 22 and my shutter speed was set at 1/80.The following photo is of my set up.

"Lost in Time"

I shot this watch to see what kind of problems might occur when shooting another project. I shot it in studio at school, with a Premo Bron Color light. I used a soft-box and fill cards to get the look that you see here. I used my Canon 1D Mark 2 with a 100-300mm lens, my f-stop was at 22 and my shutter speed was at 80. Thanks to Adam for the use of the watch! The following photo is my set-up.

January 16, 2008


I shot this for one of my classes, we were told to shoot a dessert and to have it look appetizing show a time, and a place. I feel that this image shows all three. I shot it at school with the Mamiya 645 with a Leaf Aptus back. My setup is shown in the drawing below. I shot at F-5.7 with a shutter speed of 1/15 on a macro lens. I really enjoyed this project even though it took me an hour to style my food.

Morning at Night

I shot this at my house in Asheboro, NC close to 5:00 pm. Using my Canon 1D Mark 2 and a 35-80mm lens. My shutter speed was 1/200 with a F-stop of 4. I lit the scene with a Vivitar 285 on a light stand placed facing the camera and set to F-8. I think that this image is so neat because it was so late at night and it looks like the sun is rising over my mail box.

January 10, 2008


This DeWalt saw was given to me as an assignment to shoot on internship while I was at Action Sports Photography Inc. I shot the saw using a Canon 1D Mark 2 and a 17-40mm lens. My ISO was set at 100 and my FL was at 32mm, I had my f-stop at 16 and my shutter speed at 1/125, this was lit using two alein bees one with a softbox and the other using a grid inside a refletor. I really enjoyed shooting this saw because I found some really unique angles like the one you see here.

Fun at the Zoo!

I shot this last fall before leaving for internship. The baboon was shot using a Canon 1D Mark 2, and a 100-300mm lens. The ISO was set at 100 with a FL(focal length) of 265mm, my F-stop was at 5.6 and my shutter speed was 1/100, I used natural light the highlight in his eyes is a reflection from the large glass window I was shooting through. I live not to far from the Zoo and go a lot, but this was my first time shooting the baboons. This nice fellow was sitting inside and was kind enough to pose for me and even smile!