August 29, 2007


I shot this photo for a self promo assignment. It was shot on a Canon EOS 1D Mark 2. The camera settings were, shutter speed 2 sec, F-stop 14, I SO 100, on a 17-40 mm lens. This image was shot in RAW format giving me the opportunity to have a larger range for my adjustments. I was really trying to capture the texture in the pie, and feel that I have.


I shot this image for a project for my Photographic Illustration class entitled "Breakfast". It was shot on a Cannon EOS 1D Mark2 at ISO 100, my shutter speed was 2 sec and my F-stop was at 14. I was using a Cannon USM 17-40mm lens. The image has been cropped and touched up but only minimally. I was trying to capture the feeling of a nice hot breakfast on a cold winters day, I think I have achieved this.

August 22, 2007

The Best of First Year

I attend Randolph Community College and am majoring in Commercial photography.This work is some of my best and favorite photos from my first year. I hope that you will give me your honest opinion, I look forward to improving with your help.

The first photo was taken in studio at Randolph Community College in Asheboro, on 4x5 Kodak ISO 100 Extachrome (transparency) film with a Sinar F1 large format camera at F30 at 22 sec with a hot light, of some old spools of thread, for summer portfolio in my large format 2 class.

The second photo was taken on location at Friedland Moravain Church in Winston-Salem, on 4x5 Kodak Extachrome ISO 100 film with a Sinar F1 large format camera at F32 at 15 sec I used a Vivitar 285HV flash poping it 3 times,of the sanctuary I took this for portfoilo in my large format 2 class during the summer.

The third photo was taken at the North Carolina Zoo on 35mm Kodak Extachrome ISO 100 filmwith a 35mm Canon E-1 at F8 at 1/60 of a sec, of a leaf laying on the ground this was taken for design lab 2 class in the spring.

First Post!!!

I am doing this for class, my name is Laura and this will be my new PHOTO blog I hope you enjoy it. Hello world and HI MOM!