January 31, 2008

A Morning at the Zoo

We had an assignment to go and collect photos and sound for my multimedia class and I shot this photo of a fellow classmate, Kathryn Lawson during this assignment. I used my Canon Mark2 1D with a 16-40 lens, my f-stop was at 5.6 and my shutter speed was at 1/500. This was just such a neat angle I had to shoot it and little did I know Kathyrn walking through it made the image! Thanks Kathryn.


Jonathan E. Andrews said...

I like this photo. It is very eye catching. This is a well composed, well exposed image. The walkway and the mirroring sky are interesting elements. Is that bamboo? This shot is mysterious which is why I like it.

DS Clark Photo said...

I definitely agree with Jonathan. Nice composition. Everything seems to flow, there is nice harmony. I know we had to do it around noon, but it would be awesome to see some sweet light filtering through the bamboo! Great shot Laura!